Support Center

Our new Online Planroom Support Center can determine the cause of problems that may prevent the proper use of the Online Planroom and On-Screen Takeoff.   Once downloaded, the Support Center application will analyze the computers settings and programs to determine if there are any settings that may conflict with the OPR and/or OST, as well as provide suggestions for changes needed to fix such conflicts.

Download Support Center

Important Information

Do you have security software or a firewall installed on your computer?

If yes, configuration changes may be necessary for the Online Plan Service and On-Screen Takeoff to work properly. 
For instructions on making the changes, select the manufacturer's links below.

Windows XP Firewall Norton Internet
Security 2004
Norton Internet
Security 2005
McAfee Security Center Zone Alarm

Frequently Asked Questions

When logging into the Online Planroom, I get a message that says, “User name cannot be found”.

The user name is being entered incorrectly.
User ID and Password are case sensitive.


How do I un-subscribe to the Automatic Notification Service?

To turn off the Notification Service simply go to the Notification Setup link and un-check the notification options, then click “Set Notifications”. You will no longer receive project notification emails.

When I log into the Online Planroom, I get an error relating to an “Invalid View State”

This is due to the ISP, most commonly Earthlink. The user needs to log into the Online Planroom using Internet Explorer and go directly into a port, see the example below.

When using On Screen Takeoff I can’t open specs or other PDF documents.

In On Screen Takeoff go to tools, then options. At the bottom of the options is a setting that tells the computer which program to use to open PDF documents. Select “Open PDF using an external viewer”.

While online I get removed from the system and a message is displayed which says You have just been logged off. Cause: another user has just logged in using your username and password

The OPR does not allow for simultaneous logins. Another user is using your user name and password. Contact the Planroom Administrator to change the password or to obtain additional usernames and passwords.


When I click the back button in Internet Explorer I get an error.

Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.  On the General Tab, click Delete Files in the Temporary Internet Files section.  This will clear the Internet Explorer cache and help the pages in the OPR to refresh properly.

After clicking ‘Get Project Docs (OST)’ OnScreen Takeoff 3 Opens with only the instructions ‘Download Documents to View’

If the document tree with Plans and/or Specs folders does not appear select ‘Conditions Window’ from the View menu to open this view.  This will display a document list from which to select documents to download.

OnScreen Takeoff opens to an ‘Open Database’ window when trying to download from the OPR.

A new database needs to be created.  Close OnScreen Takeoff.  From the desktop or the Programs list open OnScreen Takeoff 3.  From the File menu select New then Database.  Enter a name for the new database such as Projects.  Select Save.  Close OST and re-attempt the download from the OPR.